Neighbors weigh solutions for crime-ridden Douglass Park area

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Flashing lights, crime scene tape, even gun shots are becoming too common for the neighbors around Douglass Park, and the community wants to see it stopped.

"This is a good park. I grew up in this park and I'd like to see it back the way it was," said Diane Marshall, President of the Georgetown Street Area Neighborhood Association.

In spite of the recent crime trend, these community members and leaders refuse to give up. Instead, they believe things can be turned around.

"We've done a lot in the park, but more needs to be done," expressed Tyrone Jett.

"I care very much about the people who live here and they've got some very serious problems that they've brought to us. So we need to work together to try and find solutions," said Vice Mayor Linda Gorton, who along with the Mayor, council members, and high-ranking police officers attended the Monday night meeting at the park.

The goal is to put their heads together and sort out viable solutions to the crime problem.

"That's our main goal is to have more peace than wars in the park," said Jett.

"I would like to see more patrol people here," stated Marshall.

After the early August shooting across from the park, police said they would be increasing their presence in the Georgetown Street Area. Still, even the community knows this isn't just a patrol problem, and it won't be solved by police alone.

"The police can't do this by themselves, they need our help. We all have to come together as a team to try to make the violence stop," answered Jett, who is already working on solutions.

Each Saturday he and others meet with at-risk teens at Douglass Park hoping to stop the crime trends before they start.

"I know that we can do this, we can make things better if we really work," expressed Jett.

That's only a portion of what is being done around the neighborhoods, and more ideas are being discussed because one thing is clear the crimes must be stopped.

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