Crime Alert: Corbin Police warn of rash of burglaries and car break-ins

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say someone's been on the prowl for tools in people's cars.

"We have had a rash of break ins at the Tri-County Cineplex," said Corbin Police detective Rusty Hedrick.

On December 1, they say someone broke in to vehicles in the parking lot and stole tools and toolboxes.

"Some have been locked and some have been unlocked," said Hedrick.

Around that same time, police say someone broke into vehicles here along Engineer Street. Again, targeting tools and toolboxes.

"All of them we believe done by the same person. Just the nature of...the main things that were taken were toolboxes in the back of vehicles and tools were stolen from those vehicles," said Hedrick.

Witnesses reported seeing people hanging around a suspicious vehicle at the theater that night.

"It's a green Chevy Avalanche with a little bit of body damage, missing a tailgate," said Hedrick.

Police have gotten tips on that vehicle. They're looking into those leads and warning people to be careful with their valuables.

"Make sure they're locked. Anything of value needs to be taken inside. Most of the equipment taken belongs to construction workers. I know it's hard for them to secure those items inside the residence, but they need to make sure he toolboxes are locked and maybe add an additional lock as well," said Hedrick.

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