Crime lab backlog delays trial date for teen accused of killing gas station clerk

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A crime lab backlog is keeping a judge from setting a trial date for the teen who is accused of gunning down a Lexington gas station clerk.

A Fayette County Circuit Court judge says he will wait to set a trial date for 18-year-old Travis Bredhold until he receives the DNA results from the evidence taken from the gas station.

Attorneys tell us the results may not be available until December.

According to lab officials, the delay comes as they are trying to work though thousands of cases.

"This is a very serious case. The prosecutor has filed notice that they wish to seek the death penalty," said defense attorney Joanne Lynch.

Bredhold is accused of shooting and killing 51-year-old Mike Patel during a robbery at the Marathon on Alexandria Drive back in December.

"This is a tragedy for Patel and his family and we want to offer our condolences to them," Lynch said.

She tells us Bredhold was abused and neglected as a child and that led to mental health issues. While she isn't saying what role that may play in his defense, we're told it provides insight about the teen who is accused of murder.

"His parents unfortunately had severe addiction issues and that's part of the reason why he was in and out of his home and the foster system. He received a significant amount of treatment while he was a child," said Lynch.

She tells us the earliest they could be ready for trial would be September 2015.

Bredhold's next status hearing is scheduled for October 10.

Back in December, Lynch entered a not-guilty plea for Bredhold on charges of murder and robbery, as well as drug, concealed weapon and theft charges.

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