Pikeville woman cleaning up one month after fire destroys home & business

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One Pike County woman continues to clean up, one month after her home and business caught fire.

It was more than a home and business for, Nancye Yost, owner of Second Stage costume shop ... it was her life.

Yost says, "I had 50 years in this house, my father was born in this house and everything that I worked for for 50 years is gone."

One month ago a fire destroyed two buildings in downtown Pikeville, Yost's home and her store.

Now, cleaning crews work through the debris to salvage anything they can find.

Bradley Brannen, works for Ratliff Moving Company and says, "It has been a long process and we've still got about...I believe they said a month to go."

Yost says even with so much loss she has tried to stay positive and be thankful for what she does have, especially because she and her son were in the basement at the time of the fire.

"We had to crawl out the basement window, I don't know how he got out. I made it through because he pushed me through the window. I did lose 8 cats...which they were my babies. We have only found four bodies so I'm hoping some may have gotten out," explains Yost.

In hopes she may be reunited with her pets, Yost has issued a reward for the cats that are not accounted for.

"That was the hardest part, losing my cats, but God saved us and He has a reason for it. He has a reason for everything that happens and maybe we will find it," says Yost.

Yost does plan to rebuild her home and says she may reopen her business, but in a different location.

Fire officials say they still do not know what caused the fire.

10:00 pm Update:

They say it started quickly and spread fast.

A fire engulfed two buildings this afternoon in Pikeville destroying everything in both.

One of those buildings was Second Stage costume shop, and family members of the owner say it was a landmark in Pike County for nearly three decades.

It all started around 3:30 Friday afternoon.

"I was at the hair salon getting my hair done, and I had a phone call and then I heard an instant news report and it was just, it was terrible," said Cam Yost.

Fire had taken over Second Stage costume shop in downtown Pikeville and spread to a neighboring building.

Yost says her mother-in-law Nancy owned the store and lived there too.

"She and my husband were in the basement checking something and went up the stairs and the back draft just knocked him totally back down the steps," Yost said.

She says they had to crawl out a basement window, barely escaping the blaze.

"They're very blessed. Everything's a total loss, but everything can be replaced but lives," Yost said.

Officials say it was so windy Friday afternoon that it fueled the fire and allowed it to spread very quickly.

"The fire had a pretty good jump before we actually got the call on it. Once it exited the building and started coming out the roof the wind really played a part in this," said Paul Maynard, Pikeville Public Safety Director.

Yost says she is still in shock.

"The property, the home, the business is a total loss, and after 29 years it's devastating to pull up and see that," she said.

She knows her family will come back strong.

"If you know Nancy Yost, she isn't finished yet!" she said.

They are thankful no one was injured.

Officials say they do not know what started the fire.

They had it put out by early Friday evening and will investigate the cause.


6:30pm Update:

The Pikeville Fire Department got the call about 3:30 Friday afternoon that a business was on fire.

They say once they got on scene the fire spread quickly into a residence.

Officials say the fire started in the Second Stage costume shop on Hambley Boulevard in downtown Pikeville and quickly spread to the residence behind it.

It is unclear if anyone was inside the buildings when the fire started.

Officials say both buildings were destroyed by the fire.

They plan to be on scene throughout the evening to make sure the fire is out and figuring out what caused it.

5:05pm Update:

Officials have revised the number of buildings involved in the downtown Pikeville fire from three to two.

We are told the business involved is the Second Stage costume shop and a home next to it.

Firefighters say there are no injuries right now and they believe they have the fire contained.

4:45pm Update:

Officials have confirmed that two businesses and a home are the buildings on fire in downtown Pikeville.

Original story:

Officials tell us a fire along Hambley Boulevard in downtown Pikeville has spread to three buildings.

We are not sure if there was anyone inside the structures or if there are any injuries.

WYMT's Whitney Burks says you can see the smoke from the fire in Coal Run Village, which is a couple of miles from the scene.

We will have more on this developing story as we get it.

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