Dallas police prepare for thousands of fans

ARLINGTON, Tx. (WKYT) - Dallas is preparing for thousands of fans, and as they do so, they reflect on the tragedy of the Boston Marathon Bombing. It changed everything.

When it comes to a large sporting event like the Final Four in Arlington, no one wants a repeat of what happened a year ago in Boston. And that's why security will hold center court.

Bruce Springsteen will headline a 3-day, free outdoor concert series in Downtown Dallas, as part of the Final Four weekend. An anticipated 40,000 to 50,000 people are set to fill light rail transit cars, quadruple the attendance of the annual New Year's Eve Victory Park party, and initiate broad based security plans by Dallas Police.

Officials acknowledge, violence and terror at last year's Boston Marathon played a part in Dallas' final four security preps.

"There's been concern since Boston and we are aware of the issue," Tony Fay, a Final Four spokesman says. "There will be bag checks that will be prohibited items identified to not show up before they make entry."

Crews are already constructing stages for the concerts. Police and Dart authorities are urging people to use light rail because of the expected crowd size daily. The free concerts that also include Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean will be fenced off, with attendance limits.

"You're going to be going into a fenced off area with fixed entry points where there will be back checks and a whole security force to ensure our customers are safe," Fay says.

Tomorrow's free concert in Dallas not only features Bruce Springsteen but Jason Aldean, The Killers and Tim McGraw.

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