Dalton Dingus continues to inspire one year after his death

SALYERSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Sunday marks one year since a Magoffin County boy lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Dalton Dingus, became known around the world for his wish for christmas cards...he received thousands. His story is still being told today and inspiring many.

"The cards were a symbol that everybody else realized what a special little boy he was," explains one family member.

9-year-old, Dalton Dingus, captured hearts around the world with his simple Christmas wish for cards.

Dalton's mom, Jessica Reed says, "It gave him hope, gave him something to look forward to each morning."

The simple wish touched many, bringing in more than 800,000 cards.

Reed says, "People are amazing, just that outpouring of love and support through a simple card."

A display of strength and courage, earning him titles like honorary state trooper, junior deputy sheriff, and firefighter. While also catching the attention of people like country music star Blake Shelton and Coach John Calipari.

"He inspired a lot of people. Just one simple wish from a sick little boy gave a lot of people hope," explains Reed.

Family members say Dalton continues to inspire them and give them strength to bring awareness to the disease that took his life.

His grandfather, Johnny Reed says, "I saw Dalton out in a field in a dream motioning and saying, 'come on Papaw, come on.' That is where my strength is today, knowing that one day I will be reunited with Dalton and our family will be reunited."

They are also gaining strength from the community that helped make their little boy a hero.

Reed says, "Thank you for all the prayers, the calls, just helping me get through the loss of him. I wouldn't be here today without my family and friends."

All while knowing their 'honey bee' can now breathe easy.

Dalton's family is helping organize a Cystic Fibrosis awareness walk at Ramey Memorial Park in Salyersville. That event is set for May 10th at 1:00.

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