Damage done during storms in Pulaski County

The storm was over almost as soon as it started late Tuesday afternoon but in its wake was some of the worst damage Mark Sloan, the manager of Woodson Bend, says he’s ever seen in his 11 years managing the Pulaski County Lake Cumberland resort.

Sloan estimates more than 30 trees were knocked down and three condominiums damaged. Much of the work on Wednesday focused on cleanup and some minor repairs.

“The next thing I knew we really feel like we’re in a dangerous situation, almost like a tornadic type event, Not saying that it was, but it felt that way,” said Sloan, who says the storm only lasted about 45 seconds.

Despite so many trees down and so much cleanup a good part of the mess was gone by the early part of Wednesday afternoon. The manager says the open house for this weekend...is still on.

Emergency officials said no other areas of Pulaski County reported damage to Tuesday.

No one was hurt in the storms.

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