Dangerous chemical leaking from tanker truck in Whitley County

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky (WKYT) - Louella Reeves received quite the surprise outside her Whitley County home Monday morning.

“I got up and looked out and thought it had snowed, because I saw all the white stuff,” said the Ky. 1064 resident.

She didn’t think much of it until a few minutes later when she realized there was also a tanker truck overturned in her yard.

“Had it not been for my apple tree, it would have come more in my yard,” she said.

Officials say the tanker was on its way to a mining site where its 45,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate were needed for blasting.

“He got too close to the shoulder and it broke off, caused the truck to turn over,” said Danny Moses with Whitley County Emergency Management , which stayed on the scene for most of Monday.

Ammonium Nitrate can be extremely dangerous. In fact, it was used in the April 1995 Oklahoma City, federal building explosion. Officials say there was no danger Monday morning in Whitley County.

That’s because officials say the diesel fuel was leaking on the opposite side of the truck from where the snow-white fertilizer substance was.

“They assured me it was alright,” said Reeves.

Crews from London, Ky. based Eco Tech were called to clean up the ammonium nitrate and it took hours to clear the scene.

“Right now we’re trying to catch what diesel fuel escaping from the truck, and we are padding it. They’ll have to come in and take some of the soil out,” said Moses.

Other than some back pain, the driver wasn’t hurt in the crash.

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