Danville attracts global media attention

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - This debate is drawing lots of attention around the country, and even around the world. More than 3,000 media credentials were issued for the Vice Presidential debate for journalists from 41 different countries.

WKYT's Officer Don flew over Centre College this afternoon and there is an outstanding media presence. Rows of satellite trucks are parked just outside the debate hall, which is a big change for the small, picturesque town of Danville.

The Vice Presidential debate will be watched by millions on TV tomorrow night, but it's also an event that journalists from around the world are here to cover. Some say just the fact the Danville is hosting this event is a story in of itself.

The focus of journalists from around the world is on Danville, Ky. Some journalists are flooding the town with approximately 70 satellite trucks.

The story of an election, to choose the leader of the free world, is big time news and not just for the United States.

Michael Strysick said that there are 3,200 credentialed media. That includes reporters, production and technical crews.

Among the international journalists is Dominic Waghorn of Sky News. This is Waghorn's first trip to Danville and he says the city has a lot of character. Waghorn had many questions, and among them he asked, why such a big event is taking place in such a small town.

"It makes sense having it in Denver, a swing state. But Danville, Kentucky? A very small town. It is rather intriguing for Brits to work out why that should be happening here." Waghorn said.

After WKYT's Phil Pendleton interviewed the reporter with Sky News, he turned around and interviewed Phil for his network.

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