Danville completes 'Turtleman' investigation

The Turtleman, Ernie Brown Jr.

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - City officials in Danville say they hope to move past the attention they've received because of an episode of the Animal Planet show "Call of the Wildman" that was filmed at their community pool.

City Manager Ron Scott presented a report to the City Commission Monday night. He concluded that the show's producers did not have the proper permission for the filming. The episode showed Ernie Brown Jr, known at The Turtleman, pulling snakes from the pool at the William E. "Bunny" Davis Recreation Complex. The show identified the snakes as cottonmouths and copperheads.

Producers of the show claim the snakes were actually found on the property, but Danville Mayor Bernie Hunstad says the city pool has never had a snake problem.

"It wasn't real, it was not shot in the pool in open season, all the critters that were in the pool were brought there and put in the pool and after the filming they were taken out," he said.

During the meeting Hunstad suggested the city pursue legal action to prevent Animal Planet from replaying that episode but city commissioners said they would rather move on.

"The feeling was they would just rather let it pass and the more they talk about it the more it's out in the public," he said.

The Parks and Recreation Board is conducting it's own investigation into the incident. The mayor says he's used to Danville being in the news, but he'll be glad to see this pass.

"The vice-presidential coverage for example, we're out there on a lot of positive issues, I just don't view this as one of them," he said.

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