Danville leaders investigating taping of Animal Planet show at city pool

The Turtleman, Ernie Brown Jr.

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The pool at the William E. Bunny Davis Center is apparently at the center of this issue and it's one that has city leaders asking some questions.

Snakes swimming in a city pool would cause obvious concern to anyone.

“The whole incident gave rise among city officials and they directed the city manager to conduct an inquiry to that event,” said City Manager Ron Scott.

Scott says he like many watched the "Call of the Wildman" show that featured the “Turtleman” pulling snakes out of the pool.

“That caused concern whether any snakes were staged there for that event. Whether any snakes actually got into the pool. Even that is in dispute at the present time,” said Scott.

Another question is who approved the Animal Planet episode to be filmed at the pool that is partly operated by the city and county.

“The question of who authorized the filming in the first place. Because that was not brought to the attention of the city,” said Scott.

Kentucky’s snake expert, Jim Harrison, says some of the snakes shown in the episode are not found in central Kentucky and questioned if the whole thing was staged. A spokesman for the Animal Planet told us it was not. City leaders say they just want some questions answered.

“To determine what actually occurred because we have few facts at the present time,” said Scott.

The pool is partly operated by the Boyle County Fiscal Court, which was reportedly looking into the issue also.

Parks and Recreation Director John Drake, who oversees the pool, referred all questions to the Animal Planet producer. Calls to her and Ernie Brown, the “Turtleman” himself, were either not answered or returned.

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