Danville thrift store co-owner sends strong message to shooter

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Michael and Angela Hockensmith co-owned the ABC Gold, Games and More thrift shop with their friend Steve Divine. Divine talked to us Friday evening, calling the Hockensmith's 9-year-old son a hero.

"Actually I was supposed to be here when this morning all took place," said Divine.

Friday happened to be the day tragedy struck ABC Gold, Games and More, killing two of the co-owners along with a customer.

"I'm still waiting to wake up and see that this was a bad dream," said Divine.

The Hockensmiths had their two children, a 9-year-old son and 14-month-old baby girl, with them at the thrift shop when they were shot dead. Divine says the young boy saved two lives after the shooter killed his parents.

"He saved his little sister's life and his own," said Divine. "But he was more concerned with his little sister, so that little boy. He's my hero."

Now those two children are without parents which is something Divine can't wrap his head around.

"He's gonna have a hard time, but he's a tough little fellow," said Divine.

The co-owner tells us he wasn't here when it all happened, but he knows what this senseless act did and that's destroy a family.

"There's always out to help somebody, and that's what makes this so senseless, cowardly, and just a shame," said Divine.

Divine says he and the Hockensmiths were more than just coworkers. They were friends and all attended Mitchellsburg Baptist Church together. That's where Mr. Hockensmith was a youth minister, and his wife was set to be the music leader. And knowing what type of people they were, Divine was one serious message for the person responsible for their deaths.

"This for you. I hope they find you. Better yet I hope I find you. Because I wouldn't be as lenient on you as the law. You are a coward, you are cold blooded, and I hope if they do catch you that they hang you from your eyeballs," said Divine. "Because that's about what you deserve. You're a coward and just scum. I hope you burn in hell."

The 'Michael and Angela Hockensmith Memorial Fund' has been set up at all PNC Banks. You can donate to help support their children and their funeral costs.

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