Business owners relieved triple murder suspect arrested

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - News of Kenneth Keith's arrest brought relief to many business owners in Danville. They say they had been on edge in the days after the triple murder.

A man who knows Kenneth Keith tells us he did not see this arrest coming. He says Keith used to own this store before Mike and Angela Hockensmith bought it. That man owns a pawnshop about a block away from here. He didn't want to go on camera but other business owners in this area did, saying they were glad police have made an arrest.

Store owners say, "We weren't sure if it was a burglary that had gone bad."

It's been almost three weeks since that shooting, and the people working near that crime scene say the idea that the person who killed three people at ABC Gold games and more was still out there had them taking extra precautions when they were coming into work.

"Kind of would circle around the building, make sure there wasn't no one sitting around, any extra vehicles sitting around out of the ordinary, do a double check and look over our shoulder."

Police announced yesterday that they had arrested 48-year-old Kenneth Keith, charging him with three murders and robbery.

Owners say, "I think this was just an act of pure greed."

Knowing police have connected the suspect and the victims has also brought some relief.

"It was an awesome feeling knowing there wasn't a person out on the street, a random person doing a senseless crime."

The third victim, Daniel Smith, was a gold buyer. According to the arrest warrant it was his property that was taken during the robbery.

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