Danville sees business boom surrounding VP debate

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Hosting a Vice Presidential debate means that there are a lot of extra people in town. The temporary population increase is good news for shops and restaurants across Danville.

Downtown Danville is a very busy place today and the businesses along Main Street couldn't be happier about the 'Thrill in the 'Ville.' Business is booming in the heart of downtown Danville.

"We have seen a double increase every day and we are staying open late at night," says Michelle Kovach with Hub Coffee House and Cafe.

The Hub Coffee House and Cafe is benefiting from the Vice Presidential debate. The red and blue means lots of green for this small, Kentucky town.

"We have a chance to meet people from all over the world. It has re-energized and re-vitalized us," Kovach says.

The Hub is the place that's know for a cup of coffee or a brown; yet across the street, it's soap that's the hot item.

"And our soap, the big seller that has really taken off is Republican and Democrat soap," says Julie Nelson with the Maple Tree Gallery

The debate has attracted thousands of media members but it's also brought in more of the 'Average Joe's.' Local folks who simply want to be part of a big event in such a small place are coming out to take part in the historic experience.

"Oh, it brings tons of money in. It also gives everyone a chance to voice their opinions," says Peter Hughes, a Stanford resident.

Shop owners say the world is seeing what many in this community already knew - and that is what a nice and unique small town Danville is.

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