Excitement builds for debate

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - A dreary morning in Danville couldn't contain the color around the courthouse square.

Sam Adams made the short drive from Stanford, and yes that's his real name!

"Not the bend your elbow type Sam Adams the patriotic type Sam Adams," said Adams.

He decided after 69 years of staying quite, it was time for him to get political, and join in on the excitement.

There's a good reason that Sam picked this street corner. The courthouse square has never looked better.

"The towns pulled together they painted fire hydrants trimmed trees," said Jackie Bremer.

Jackie Bremer is proud of the way Danville has cleaned up, especially consider just two months ago vandals destroyed many of the flowers that had been planted throughout town.

"Sometimes kids just get board. They watered flowers all summer... Replanted flowers," said Bremer.

Mcafee Landscaping tells us that all the flowers and mulch had to be replaced. A tough task, but a wonderful result.

"We've got company coming tomorrow, we really are going to put out our very best and make sure our town looks as good as it can," said Bremer.

And as the sun came out in the afternoon, the colors of debate day eve popped even louder in title town.