Day three of search for missing teen ends with no results

FLEMING COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - There's still no sign of a 15-year-old police say disappeared while hunting with his father more than two days ago.

Crews have taken a break for the night in their search for Ricky Hamilton, Jr. He hasn't been seen since Saturday. Police say he and his father split up while hunting in Fleming County.

About 150 people joined in the search Monday. They were on ATVs, with dogs, and on horseback, all searching for something that could lead them to Ricky Hamilton.

"Foot tracks. Gun shells," listed Diana Wright, who searched for six hours Monday, "from the type of candy he was eating, or possibly did he drop his lighter? Any cigarette butts?"

From the vantage point of Wright's saddle, she didn't find any trace of Hamilton.

"We covered easy rolling hills, open pastures, and some thickets so we were checking ponds, we were checking creek beds, looking for anything that he may have built since it's been three days as a shelter."

"Some of it we've already been over three or four times. We're gonna do some of it, and we're gonna just keep on expanding out," explained Emergency Management Director Dwayne Price.

Price says crews have already covered about 1,000 acres in a mile wide area. They'll cover more Tuesday.

"We're never gonna give up. We may have to scale back some, but we're not gonna give up," said Price.

Hope is what Wright rides with, and it'll keep her coming back until the search ends, "we just keep prayerfully thinking that something will turn up and that this boy is still okay."

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