Deadly drugs stolen from animal shelter safe

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ROBERTSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a small animal shelter in Kentucky's smallest county, but it has a big problem.

"(It's) just a the big concern, it's weighed heavy on my mind," said Staci Johnson, who runs the Robertson County Animal Shelter.

Johnson said the suspect(s) didn't even break out the large glass window on the front door, but rather pried it open at the base frame. She also added that she didn't see the signs of the break in right away, because the suspect(s) also closed and locked every door they broke open.

However, this isn't the first time the shelter has been broken into. Johnson says two years ago someone busted open the safe, but left empty handed. Last Wednesday, she wasn't so lucky.

"This time they took the whole safe," adding, "I think maybe they thought there was money."

While there was no money in the safe, Johnson said there was something much more troubling that she kept inside.

"The safe contained medications and euthanasia drugs that we use here, for the dogs. It's very concerning, there were also sedatives (taken). They could possibly go to sleep, like they might want to, but they probably are not going to wake up."

Kentucky State Police say they aren't sure why someone chose to take a safe from an animal shelter, but they are looking into it.

"It's a very big concern. If the individuals that took the items are not sure what they are and they do try to use them, it does have the potential to kill them," stated Trooper David Jones.

"I'm not sure what their plans are," added Johnson.

Even more, the Drug Enforcement Agency, who issued the deadly drugs, has the shelter on hold from receiving new drugs, until the case is resolved.

"It is a headache. It was a lot of work," said Johnson of losing the drugs and documentation with the DEA.

Until they can locate the missing drugs, or the DEA sends a new shipment, the shelter won't be able to treat or euthanize any animals. Johnson said they'll have to be sent elsewhere.

So Johnson waits, hoping no one uses the deadly drugs on another animal, or worse themselves.

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