Death investigation follows Perry County meth lab complaint

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BONNYMAN, Ky. (WYMT) - A man was found dead Tuesday night after police responded to a meth lab complaint.

Kentucky State Police officials said they received an anonymous call around 7 p.m. about a meth lab at a home on Robin Run in Bonnyman. They said there were four men inside and a woman and child in a car in the driveway when they arrived.

Police said they found remnants of a one step meth lab at the home. They said one of those men was alive when they got there and they checked on him as they had been advised of the man’s potential health problems. They said after they arrested two men on unrelated charges, they came back inside and he was dead. The coroner's office was called.

“We did receive some information from the son to positively identify the deceased at this time,” said Perry County Deputy Coroner.

The coroner said they could not confirm the identity of the deceased, though state police identified him through relatives on the scene as 70-year-old Alva Combs.

Officials have not released much information about the investigation.

“At this time we are probably going to consult with the medical examiner's office in Frankfort, possibly be sending the deceased for an autopsy in Frankfort to get an ultimate cause of death,” said Combs.

Social services came to the scene, but it is not known what will happen to the child.

Officials identified the men as 35-year-old Alva Combs, Jr., 55-year-old John Combs, 70-year-old Alva Combs (deceased), and 23-year-old Billy Combs. State police identified the woman in the driveway as 25-year-old Samantha Collins of Clay County.

They said all of the men in the home were related and they do not know if the fourth man, Billy Combs will face charges.

Alva Combs, the son of the deceased and John Combs, brother of Alva Combs, Sr. were arrested on unrelated charges for outstanding warrants.

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