Owner, animal shelter in dog fight over pet's amputated leg

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A chocolate lab named Darcy ended up at the Scott County Animal Shelter after her owner says she escaped from the yard.

Leon Coffman says he searched for Darcy for two hours before calling the animal shelter and discovering she was there.

Coffman says, "She says I have someone that is going to adopt her and we're going to amputate her leg and they're going to pay for it. I said, well lady that is my dog. I don't want her leg amputated, she's lived with that for five years."

Coffman says it's an old injury and that his vet doesn't believe it's hurting her.

But, after she ended up at the shelter last week, staff apparently thought otherwise about Darcy's front paw.

"The vet amputated it's leg. The owner wants the dog back and the question is who should pay for the surgery," says Scott County Judge Executive George Lusby.

Coffman says he was asked to pay part of the $1,200 dollar bill. He didn't believe it was his responsibility, "That's crazy. I told them not to do that. That they shouldn't have done that. They put her through all of that agony."

Darcy was kept at the Scott County Animal Shelter for the past week. Wednesday night, county officials met to decide what would be next for Darcy.

Shelter staff wouldn't say much about the case, but did say that Darcy is doing well after having the surgery.

Just after 6 o'clock on Wednesday night, Coffman told WKYT that the fiscal court decided to return Darcy back to him. Coffman says he won't have to pay for the vet bills.

It's unknown who will have to pay for Darcy's surgery at this time.

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