Decorated home targeted by vandals

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - A home decked out with more than 50,000 Christmas lights was the target of vandals Friday night.

The home on Amberley Drive is a popular feature for people in the Southpoint Area near Nicholasville Road.

The homeowner says he believes the people who did it got spooked and ran away before they could do any serious damage

Mike Coyle came home last night and thought his decorations had been knocked over by the wind.

"But then we got to looking and they'd pulled the wires off the little bushes, pulled the trees of the ground, tried to pull down our big tree but it was too heavy," Coyle said.

The damage was mostly superficial, but the repairs will be time consuming. Many of the neatly lined strands of bulbs were pulled up from the ground.

"It bothers you a lot but it's just one or two kids or adults, maybe a teenager, but its not enough to take it all down and say 'Forget it' because too many people enjoy it, we enjoy doing it," said Coyle.

Coyle uses the beauty of his home and the decorations to help others. Visitors to the lights bring toys that he then passes on to the Toys for Tots programs.

"We want people to now that they can still come out, we'll be here," Coyle said, while talking about the repairs.

Toys will be collected throughout the holiday season until 11 p.m. on week nights and until midnight on the weekends.

Coyle says the one thing that will change is the amount of security around his home. He's going to install extra cameras so that if anything like this happens again, he'll know who's responsible.

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