Delivery truck runs into apartment building

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We caught up with a truck driver who was actually sitting in the parking lot when he saw the truck roll by.
He knew something wasn't right, especially after it didn't make a turn here at Canary Road.

"It just kept right on rolling. It was like oh, this isn't good," said Joe Jenkins.

Jenkins feared the worst as he saw the large delivery truck smash through the fence lining the apartment complex.

"I was wondering how hard it was gonna slam that building and if anybody was in that apartment on the other side of that wall," Jenkins said.

"The driver said he got in the vehicle, that he put it in neutral, set the airbrake, the parking brake, just like he does every morning, and then got out to go back inside to take care of some business before he left for his deliveries for the day," said Lexington Fire Major Mark Harvey.

"They actually were standing in the open doorway of the dock. They were like, where's the truck? So, they knew it too," said Jenkins.

Major Harvey says the truck struck the building between two support beams, and that if those had been hit, the damage would've been much worse.

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