Denger's closes doors, leaves customers with questions

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - They've been in business for forty years, and suddenly shut their doors. Denger's in Lexington and Louisville is no longer in business.

Ladda Holland and her husband John bought gas logs for their fireplace from Denger's in August and paid for the installation. More than a month later, they still don't have their logs installed, don't even have them inside their home.

"The logs, $699. The labor $129 and altogether $869.94. I try to call, everything, they'll never contact," explained Holland.

Holland and her husband drove over to the Lexington store to try and get answers.

"Never called back. Nothing to contact. I tried to contact them so many times and in the store, no. Only signs, closed."

WKYT talked to Mike Denger, the owner, and he tells us a series of disasters forced them to close, and he will address customer issues as best he can.

"They never contact me, nothing," said Holland, "no, and they take my money only three days before they close down."

The Better Business Bureau is currently reviewing the businesses' rating.

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