Deputies recover hundreds of meth labs in Leslie County

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LESLIE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Leslie County sheriff's department found more than 160 meth labs over the weekend on Cane Fork in Rockhouse. Wednesday that number nearly doubled, and many more still remain.

Sheriff's deputies estimate they have eliminated more than 300 labs so far.

Agents with the U.S. Forest Service and and the Environmental Protection Agency assisted with the cleanup.

Deputies are calling it one of the largest meth discoveries in Kentucky history.

"This morning we actually found a campsite, you know up under a rock cliff, where they've stayed there numerous days, and all kinds of one step labs. It's unbelievable," said Deputy Sheriff Sam Mullins.

Deputies are still looking for leads into who made the meth labs. They ask anyone with information to call the Leslie County sheriff's office.

LESLIE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – Sheriff’s deputies made what they consider to be their largest meth discovery in years. They spent their afternoon cleaning up more than 100 used meth labs.

Police say that by the number of meth labs found, they think this has been going on for quite some time.

And even though drug users in the area have gone undetected so far, deputies say it won't be happening anymore.
Leslie County deputies say they came to Cane Fork to follow up on an anonymous meth lab tip, but found something similar to a meth factory instead.

“Where it was so late we really couldn't see because it was a wooded area so I decided to come back this evening which when I returned I did not expect to find what we found,” said Deputy Sam Mullins.

More than 160 used meth labs and meth precursors littered the woods hidden under leaves, trees, and some in plain sight.

“The fuel, the blister packs, I’ve never seen that many before either. There was over 200 packs of Suphedrine,” said Mullins.

The labs ranged in shape and size. Several of them were still active.

Police say that all of the meth labs left unattended are not only dangerous to the environment of Leslie County, but also to everyone living within their proximity.

“It can run off and get into the water system. It can affect people I mean this is just unacceptable,” said Mullins.

Deputies say they have made meth busts in the area before but the magnitude of Saturday's find will bring about extra enforcement; putting this wooded factory out of production.

Police took all of the labs to KSP Post 13 in Hazard so that those that still had active chemicals inside could be neutralized.

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