Deputies hand out blankets, help those suffering through cold weather

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - For the last couple of days we have been telling you how dangerous it is to be outside with temperatures this cold, but for some folks staying warm is a struggle.

WKYT went along with deputies with the Fayette County Sheriff's Office as they delivered blankets, and checked up on people who don't have a warm home.

Major Jay Pittman with the Fayette County Sheriff's Office is working with deputies to deliver blankets, pick up prescription medications, and help families make it through the cold.

"Either it be they need blankets or they need coats, hats, or gloves. We've done several welfare checks where families out of state or across town have called and said, 'hey, can you go check on this individual?' We go out and make checks," explained Major Pittman.

He is taking blankets to those in need, but says a lot of people are also requesting coats and warm clothing.

"We're currently out of jackets. All we have right now are blankets so we're going out, handing out the blankets and telling those individuals, 'if we get more coats in then we'll bring them out to ya.'"

Major Pittman says the work is rewarding.

"We're normally, when we show up, we're not necessarily who they want to see on a scene. We're breaking up a fight or doing whatever and this is good. We get to get out, help the people in the community, give them what they need so it feels real good."

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