Man accused of shooting at woman in Laurel County arrested

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Deputies have found a man they say shot at a woman inside a Laurel County home. Deputies with the Laurel County Sheriff's Department arrested military veteran Zachary Franke, 20, in Laurel County Wednesday night. While on the run for about five hours, Franke was considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.

The incident happened on Konitzer Lane just west of London in the Sublimity area on Wednesday afternoon just before 3 p.m.

Officials say they received a call about shots being fired at a home there. Deputies then determined that Franke fired a 38 revolver pistol in the direction of a cleaning lady in the home he had been staying at.

"My daughter called me and said something is going on over here," said Rita Leak, a neighbor. "I heard some shooting and a woman scream."

Arresting Franke before dark was the goal of the Laurel County Sheriff's Department. And they achieved that, catching him before 8 p.m. by pinging his cellphone.

"We actually found him in a porta potty armed still," said Deputy Gilbert Acciardo, with the Laurel County Sheriff's Department. "Officers actually ordered him out at gunpoint, and he came out with his hands up."

As for why the shooting happened, deputies say for no apparent reason.

"We understand that he has some issues, and those issues contributed to him having disorientation and doing the things that he did," said Deputy Acciardo.

Franke is booked in the Laurel County Detention Center and charged with first degree wanton endangerment.

Deputies say they also arrested Franke one year ago. They say he attacked his mother and tried to hide some marijuana plants in his home.

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