Sheriff: man arrested after drugs found in baby's stroller and inside toy

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Many are starting to call the spread of heroin around Kentucky an "epidemic," and it's a fight that's keeping the Franklin County Sheriff's Office busy. Still Sheriff Pat Melton says they are gaining ground and keep going.

"We've got to stand up," he said.

While the fight wages on, Melton said users and dealers are going to great lengths to hide their drugs and they're getting creative.

"As they become more creative, our searching techniques are stronger every time," Melton explained. Case in point, on April 30th investigators caught up with Bobby Cox, in Frankfort, after a recent lead was submitted to their text-a-tip line.

"They (Cox and his girlfriend) were pushing a stroller and went in and ducked into somebody else's apartment," described the Sheriff, explaining that Cox was reported to be trafficking drugs.

"They (deputies) searched the baby stroller and found a pack of cigarettes that had a marijuana joint in that. Then there was five tenths-of-a-gram of heroin that was inside an ABC baby block."

Cox's girlfriend, Kristin Nichols, said she wasn't aware of the drugs being in the house. She went on to say the heroin found in the home wasn't in a child's toy, but more of a novelty item that her child did not play with.

"It was in a novelty block that I got from a baby shower."

While Cox is indicted on charges of trafficking a controlled substance and possession of marijuana, his girlfriend says these were addictions they were getting over.

"It was an addiction problem is what it is. It wasn't like I was trying to sell it and hurt people or hurt anybody," she said. Then a minute later in the interview, she said something that seemed to counter that statement.

"We were doing it because we were just trying to provide for our family," Nichols explained.

Still this recent arrest and the drug use is something that Nichols wished she could undo, "Everything would've changed, none of this would've happened."

Yet it did happen, and it's one more person caught in Kentucky's epidemic.

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