Deputy, firefighters hurt in fight at Lincoln Co. Fair

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - It began with what would have been a lull in the action during the demolition derby Wednesday night at the Lincoln County Fair.

“It’s not uncommon to stop the action due to a small fire or a piece of car falling off on the track,” said track announcer Jayme Phillips, who witnessed the fight.

But some tempers flipped into high gear when the cars came to a stop.

“One of the drivers and one of the stock crew got into a disagreement about something,” said Phillips.

Soon he saw dozens leave their seats and jump onto the track. Fists started flying, punches were thrown and police say deputies and firefighters called to help soon found themselves victims of the melee. Two men and one juvenile are now facing charges.

“I think there was probably a good 30 that came out of the bleachers,” said Phillips.

Both Jeffrey Goodin and Ashton Stull were released from the Lincoln County Jail Thursday morning. They were charged with assault and disorderly conduct. According to the arrest citation, Goodin is charged with striking someone at the track, and Stull is charged with hitting a firefighter.

Why it happened remains under investigation but Phillips says he’s seen tempers get riled at events before.

“You’ve got guys that worked very hard on their cars, and they are very competitive because there is some big prize money to be won in a demolition derby,” said Phillips.

The police citation says the fight started when drivers became 'furious at one another while firefighters were dealing with a fire hazard.'

“Of course naturally I was saying ‘c’mon guys get back in the car,’ but once some of the crowd got in it, no one was listening to me!” said Phillips.

Police say others could be arrested and more charges could come from the fight. The sheriff's deputies and firefighters were not seriously hurt.

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