Derby fans brave the rain for the races

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - The rain in Louisville certainly didn't keep fans from having a good time at the Derby. Saturday, WKYT found a lot of folks shedding high fashion for rain gear. To many wanting to spend the day in the Infield, comfort came first.

"We went mud wrestling last year so I'm sure we'll be doing that again if it gets muddy enough out here. So it's okay. We just want our stuff to be dry so we can eat dry food and dry bread," Teri Beckert told us as she tried making a tent in the Infield.

Tightened security measures this year kept tents and coolers out of the Infield.

"I was here when it snowed one year. I was here when the swale filled with water. We were here last year when they evacuated the Infield. Been here when it was 90 degrees," noted Infield veteran Bernie Kroviak.

Folks new to the Infield found out fast they'd need ponchos and rain covers. It rained a majority of the day in Louisville.

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