Details of alcohol ban at UK tailgating released

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We've learned more about how police plan to enforce changes The University of Kentucky is making to tailgating events around campus.

It begins with Saturday's football game against South Carolina. Alcohol, DJs, and live music have all been banned at the area along Cooper Drive known as "the bowl."

The move came after several reports of fighting during the UK-Western Kentucky game, including one caught on camera.

Students say they understand the move, but don't agree with it.

"I just think the president is trying to take extra precautions for it not to happen again. But to take that away from the student body, I didn't think it was the right thing to do," said student Jeff Davis.

University spokesperson Jay Blanton provided some additional details on how the stepped up enforcement would work this afternoon. He said any officer who sees someone in possession of alcohol will make them get rid of it. Then, depending on the persons behavior, they could be cited or face charges and students could face disciplinary action.

Blanton says they will operate on a case by case basis.

He also says that will be an increase in the number of officers on hand during tailgating, but he wouldn't give an exact number saying he didn't want to give away their strategy.

After Saturday's game university officials will decide if the ban will continue into next week when UK plays at home again.

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