Detective: 105 calls/text between suspects on day of murder

Angela & Jason Singleton

After a lengthy delay, the prosecution attempted to disprove the idea that Christina Marcum was afraid of Jason Singleton.

There was a two hour delay before the trial resumed. Bailiffs told WKYT that it was because of a discussion about evidence.

Once things picked back up, the Kentucky State Police detective leading the case, Brian Reeder, took the stand. Reeder testified that Christina Marcum visited Jason Singleton multiple times at the Pulaski County Jail and the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center. The detective said those visit came after Marcum told police that she was afraid of Singleton and that she feared for her life. He said because of that, her credibility with Kentucky State Police wasn't that good. However, the detective say he kept in regular contact with her as he continued to build a case.

A recording was played in court of a conversation between Reeder and Marcum from April 8th of 2011, when she arrested for intimidating a witness. Reeder had a recording device in his pocket.

"And I honestly didn't know that he had that in him. Even though I feared he would do something, but it wasn't something I thought possible," Marcum said in the recording.

The prosecution also went over the cell phone records of Marcum, Singleton, and his wife, Angela, pointing out that there was a lot of communication between all three up until January 16th. That's the day police believe Angela was killed. On that day, there was zero contact to Angela, but 105 texts and calls between Marcum and Jason Singleton.

Marcum's defense cross examined Det. Reeder and asserted that there was no physical evidence that she played any part in the murder.

"Being at a crime doesn't make you part of a crime, does it? Witnesses observe crimes all the time. That doesn't make them a defendant," said Steve Romines, defense attorney.

The defense also brought up a statement from February 24th that Reeder made to Marcum, where he said he didn't believe she was the person who killed Angela Singleton. Reeder said later evidence made him change his mind.

This trial will resume Monday afternoon.

Jason Singleton is serving a 30 year sentence after pleading guilty to complicity to murder.

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