Districts forced to make tough decision on heels of another snow day

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Another snow day is in the books for a lot of school districts.

In Harrison County, school leaders are looking for help in the form of a piece of legislation.

Earlier this month we caught up with the district’s Superintendent, Andy Dotson, who didn't sugar coat things.

“If we miss any more days, one of the things we are going to have to look at is taking spring break,” said Dotson.

Because of Wednesday’s snow day, the district says they'll have to consider just that.

But, the district says, if Kentucky allows makeup days to be held on election days, it could solve the problem.

House Bill 437 seeks that as a solution.

Other school districts have canceled spring break completely like Anderson and Greenup counties.

Some have shortened the amount of time off like Wolf County, which will only have two days of spring break.

Some parents in Montgomery County wanted to do that, but instead, the district will tack days onto the end of the school year and 15-minutes onto the end of each school day.

Dotson says you can’t make everyone happy in these types of situations.

“You just prepare and do the best you can and keep your mind and hearts on the children, don't take any chances on anyone getting hurt.”

Fayette, Jessamine and Madison counties all used President's Day as a makeup.

The last day for students in many districts is now during the first week in June.

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