Disturbing discovery in Bardstown leads to animal cruelty arrest

NELSON COUNTY, Ky (WKYT) - A disturbing story out of Nelson County, where a man faces animal cruelty charges.

Bardstown Police were called to home on Hagan Drive Monday night after a complaint about barking dogs. When officers arrived they found one dog dead and nine others in poor shape. All of the dogs were pit bulls and were chained up.

Police say it appears one of the dogs got loose and attacked the others.

"They were malnourished. Most of the dogs were either blood covered or had torn flesh and you could actually see visible injuries," said Bardstown Police Captain Tom Roby.

A veterinarian had to put down one of the surviving dogs. Police say the dogs that died appeared to be around 6-8 months old, the other dogs all appeared to be adult animals.

Investigators say one of the dogs was in a cage and had visible injuries that could not have been inflicted during this incident.

Police arrested the dogs owner, 25-year-old John C. Lewis. He's charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty.

On Tuesday Lewis spoke to WKYT's Victor Puente from jail.

"I ain't never been into no fighting dogs or none of that stuff, I love pit bulls. I know they got a bad name but I ain't ever had a problem like that," Lewis said.

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