Divers search for boater who disappeared in Laurel Lake 2 years ago

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Divers say they have searched Laurel Lake 21 times for Clarence Holmes, the boater who disappeared on the lake two years ago.

Divers tell us they hope they will be able to bring his body home soon because they have narrowed down their search area and believe they are very close to finding him.

"To have Clarence back would just settle everything. We have to know what happened. We can't just let it go," said Arnold Holmes, his father.

He says after two years he is still holding on to hope that his 32-year-old son will be found.

"It's a lost cause I know but it's all I got, all you got is hope," he said.

A group of five divers, working on their own time, tell us they are diving 100 feet underwater in an area of the lake near Holly Bay Marina where cadaver dogs picked up a scent.

Holmes' family says he was last seen on the Fourth of July weekend in 2012, helping others tie up their boats in the Marshes Branch part of Laurel Lake during a storm.

Divers say they are still searching, despite the slow and dangerous work because they believe his body can be found.

"I have to get him back. I'll look till I die but I have to get him back," said Arnold Holmes.

Divers say they plan to keep looking for Holmes' body through Monday.

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