Divers search Laurel Lake for missing man

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Divers returned to a southern Kentucky lake over the weekend to look for a missing boater.

Clarence Holmes disappeared during a storm on Laurel Lake nearly two years ago. We're now getting an unusual view of their search.

Family members are optimistic after this weekend's dive that they will find Holmes, and they will bring his body home.

The 32-year-old went missing two years ago, July 5, 2012. He was boating in the Marshes Branch portion of Laurel Lake. Family say Holmes was trying to help others tie up their boats during a storm when he disappeared.

This weekend, a dive team went into the waters to try and recover his body. They used a number of different supplies that you can see in this video they took of their dive. They have reels, clothes pins, compasses, computers, cutting tools, and marking bags.

Divers called the water cold, dark, and sometimes silty. We spoke with diver Mark Michaud last time he dove into Laurel Lake, back in April.

"Trying to provide something that somebody doesn't have to give some new perspective," Mark Michaud, the diver, told us Monday.

Michaud says it will take just a little more time to find Holmes's exact location. He lives in Florida, but takes time out of his schedule to help Holmes' family search.

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