Do you know how to drive in winter weather? Hear from an expert

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Many think they know how to drive in winter weather but the hundreds of wrecks we've seen in the past few weeks prove otherwise.

On Saturday, WKYT talked with a driving instructor about the do's and don'ts when it comes to driving in slick conditions.

Dr. Terry Kline with the EKU Traffic Safety Institute says many crashes are caused by drivers not knowing how to operate their cars in slick conditions so on Saturday, he showed WKYT with a modified safety car.

“A lot of people follow each other on the roadway which is the worst thing you can do because you’re letting the driver in front of you drive you. Everything they do you do. If they hit the brake hard then you will hit the brake hard,” said Dr. Terry Kline.

Another big problem is the improper placement of the driver's hands.

“Most people drive one handed and then they whip the wheel around really fast which will make the car spin around.”

He also says knowing how and when to use your feet is equally important.

“A lot of people will pump the brake. If you really want to do something that helps with the traction of the car then jab the brake.”

Dr. Kline says the most important thing to remember is to look in the direction where you want your car to go because Kline says you'll then go in that direction.

“If you ever ask a person who has spun around in a circle what they saw, most will say they saw things whizzing by them or they saw trees or cars. But very few of them will say they saw the roadway because they didn't look for it and that’s a key to it. The key is to watch the roadway not the steering wheel.”

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