Documentary in the works as anniversary of Ky. tornado outbreak approaches

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WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WKYT) - This Saturday will mark one year since a tornado outbreak killed 23 people and caused devastation across parts of Kentucky.

One of the hardest hit places was West Liberty where a tornado tore through the middle of town. Six people died in Morgan County.

As the anniversary approaches, we're getting a new look at that West Liberty tornado through some never before seen video being used in a new documentary.

"We decided to just pick up our cameras and document this," said Nate Lewis, who is now a filmmaker. He was born and raised in Morgan County.

March 2, 2012 is a day those in West Liberty cannot forget.

"It was kind of chaotic," said Lewis. "There were people everywhere who didn't know what to do."

Now two filmmakers, who are also natives of West Liberty and still live there, are doing what they can to make sure no one forgets.

"We actually got started the night of the tornado," said Lewis.

They even have never before seen video, which they shared with us, captured on a bank's surveillance camera and footage shot by locals on their cell-phones. That emotional, intense video will be featured in their 90-minute documentary, "Path of Prevalence."

"One of the videos is from Little Caesars from people who were inside Little Caesars when the tornado hit," said Lewis.

The documentary will not only show what happened that night but will be about how a small, eastern Kentucky town is overcoming devastation and rebuilding after a big disaster.

"We just lost buildings. We can come back bigger and better. I think it gives us a chance to grow," said Timothy Boatright, another filmmaker.

The two filmmakers say the main reason why the documentary isn't done in time for the one-year anniversary is because so much is still happening around them.

"When you're doing a documentary about a town that is rebuilding and the progress for rebuilding is slow, you really can't capture that and set a date for that," said Lewis.

It's their way of helping their hometown come back to life, slowly but surely, one broken piece at a time.

"We're not just a community. We are more like a family here," said Boatright.

There is not a release date set yet for "Path of Prevalence." They hope to have the documentary done this summer.

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