Documentary screening reveals new footage

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PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - It is still considered the worst school bus accident in US history, and Friday night it was seen through a new lens at a documentary screening in Prestonsburg.

The wreck killed a total of 26 students as well as the bus driver.

A crowd at the Strand Theater was able to watch recently discovered footage from the crash 55 years ago.

“We're going to give Prestonsburg a glimpse back in time. They get to go back several minutes and see the town come alive again,” said Director of the film Michael Crisp.

The revised version of "The Very Worst Thing" includes recently discovered footage of the search and rescue efforts following the crash.

“Not only the bus being pulled ashore and that type of footage, but also the time of innocence of traffic and pedestrians walking across the West Prestonsburg Bridge,” said Crisp

As a full theater watched the accident unfold, some couldn't help but relive the memories.

“I stood there and that's when I seen the bus plunge into the big sandy river,” said John Crum, who witnessed the crash.

Something Crum says he will never forget.

“I hope and pray to god nobody ever lives through nothing else like this again,” said Crum.

But he will continue to watch and remember the scenes that unfolded so many years ago.

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