Documentary to re-enact deadly 1988 KY bus crash

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CARROLLTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It was the deadliest drunk driving crash in U.S. history.

More than two decades later, a film crew is honoring the victims of the crash.

27 people died in May 1988 when a drunk driver hit their bus in Carrollton.

One of the survivors of the crash is playing a key role in a documentary being shot in central Kentucky this weekend.

They say the documentary is in honor of those who died in this bus crash deemed one of the deadliest in U.S. history.

"In this particular case, 27 lives who don't have a voice anymore. And we've got a highway sign up on I-71. We've got a memorial in Radcliff, but those things are stationary," said Harold Dennis, a survivor.

Harold Dennis was on that church bus in Carrollton on May 14, 1988 along with 66 other passengers, including his sister and friends.

"I hold onto to those fond memories of spending time with those guys that day. Andy didn't live. He didn't make it. And he was sitting right next to me and didn't make it off that night," said Dennis.

So why make the documentary nearly 25 years later?

"Why not do it? Not only to educate people on the dangers of drunk driving and what happened here in the state of Kentucky as part of our nation's history but also to memorialize those lives that are lost. This is a tribute to them," said Dennis.

Dennis tells us they are set to begin shooting the re-enactment of that day leading up to the crash tomorrow.

"Sometimes it takes tragedy and misfortune to open peoples eyes to certain things," said Dennis.

They hope to finish and premiere the documentary on the 25th anniversary of the crash.

The documentary will be shot in Clark County starting tomorrow.

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