Documents reveal new details in Knox Co. soldier's murder

KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - As a family prepares to say goodbye to their loved one, we're learning new information about the night he was murdered.

Jonathan Ryan Foley's body was found Sunday. He'd been missing since November 6, when he never returned from a quick trip to the store. A tough time for a family that describes themselves as very close.

"We're going to have to bury my brother," said Steve Foley. "Is a son to my mom and dad."

Police arrested George Marcum, James Wyatt and Chris Mills and charged them with Foley's murder.

The three made their first court appearance on Thursday morning. They all pleaded not guilty.

"It doesn't seem fair that people go unpunished when the family will suffer in a prison of grief," said Foley's aunt, Bonnie Carr. "For the rest of our lives with no parole."

According to arrest citations obtained from the courthouse, Foley was killed at Marcum's house and Marcum told police he helped move the body.

"They are going to be held accountable in this life or the next," said Foley. "We are all going to be held accountable for what we do."

Wyatt told WKYT from jail on Monday that he had nothing to do with the murder but, according to the citation, he helped police find Foley's body.

The citation states Mills was placed at the location of the murder. It says he told police he moved Foley's truck and assisted in disposing of his body.

Foley's visitation will take place on Thursday night at Knox Funeral Home.

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