Dog deemed vicious for the second time after woman is hospitalized

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"It's worse than scary," says Jeff Broadus, of Lexington.

Broadus says his wife, Debbie May was walking to the bank when a dog came out of nowhere and attacked her, "She turned the corner and it jumped the fence. It bit her. It was eating her."

May is at UK hospital Friday night awaiting skin grafts.

"It bit her in the hip. It was about this big. It tore off the skin on her hand," adds Broadus.

The Pit bull called, "Dolo" is in quarantine and his owner faces a vicious dog charge. Animal control staff say it's not the first time.

"Come to find out, the owners have faced a vicious dog charge before and the dog has record of biting people before," says Sgt. Ashley Browning, with Lexington Animal Control.

Broadus says May's has two dogs of her own and knows that she would never have done anything to provoke this dog.

The dog's owners had no comment about the incident. They willingly gave the dog to animal control. The dog is in quarantine for ten days.

Broadus wants the dog to be euthanize and for the owner to pay his wife's medical bills.

Broadus says he is relieved that his wife will be alright and believes the situation could have turned out worse, "She was talking about how it happened at the same time the kids were getting off the school bus."

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