Dog found alive after neighbors rescue man from burning home

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - What started as a small dryer fire inside a home overnight quickly spread, sending one person to the hospital.

The fire started around 11:30 on Thursday night on Byars Avenue, just behind Winchester Road between East Seventh and Loudon Avenue.

There was heavy smoke and flames when crews arrived on the scene. Two people were able to make it out okay.

When neighbors saw the commotion and realized a third person was trapped inside, they ran to help, putting their own lives in danger to save others.

One man told WKYT it was just the right thing to do.

"Well, I didn't have a choice," said William Seaver. "Somebody was screaming, 'help me, help me, help me!' You know, he might die if you don't do something, so we ran in and pulled him out."

Firefighters tell us once they knocked the fire out, they found a small dog named "Little Bit", alive, under a couch and some insulation. He was basically unharmed, just a little scared.

The woman who lives in the home says she's just happy everyone made it out safely. Even though they lost just about everything, she did find her wedding album. A possession, she says, that's full of irreplaceable memories.

"There's a whole lot of people in here who aren't here anymore. So, there would've been a lot of memories gone if we had not had this," Fannie Keith-Turner, woman whose house caught fire.

The man that was pulled from the fire was treated for smoke inhalation.

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