Dog's leg may be amputated after it was shot in Franklin Co.

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FRANKLIN CO, Ky. (WKYT) - Kasey, a five month old Aussie-mix, whimpers as she tries to walk because she loses her balance. She isn't used to hopping along on three legs yet.

Nancy Benton, the Franklin County Humane Society shelter manager, says she doesn't understand how someone could shoot the young dog, shattering the bone in her front left leg.

"You just have to ask yourself, 'Why?' It's really, really heartbreaking," Benton said.

Benton says a concerned person spotted her in a field in rural Franklin County and led officers to the wounded dog.

She says animal control brought Kasey to the Humane Society Wednesday afternoon. After they saw how badly she was injured they rushed her to the vet.

Then Friday, a rescue in Louisville, called Arrow Fund, heard about Kasey. Even though she may lose her leg, they offered to take her along with all her medical bills.

"She'll have her surgery this afternoon, her leg will most likely be amputated. Then she will be placed in a foster home for rehabilitation and then she will be adopted out into a new permanent home," Benton said.

Kasey still has a very long and painful road to recovery and it's one without any answers.

"It happened in a very rural part of the county. Officers don't have any leads and there's not even a starting point for the investigation," Benton said.

She says while we may never know what happened to Kasey, she says she knows her bright eyes still have a bright future.

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