Domestic dispute ends in stabbing, shooting in Owsley County

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OWSLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We've learned new details about an attack at an eastern Kentucky home that left two people injured.

State police say Joshua Hensley, 28, stabbed his wife then shot another man who tried to stop the attack at a home on Highway 708 in Owsley County Thursday afternoon.

State police say it's a marriage with a history of domestic violence.

"It could have ended up with a death involved with her as the victim," said Detective Rob Morris, with Kentucky State Police.

Saying it got out of hand when Joshua Hensley showed up to talk with his wife, Andrea Hensley, 27, is an understatement. Andrea's sister, Brenda Reed, witnessed everything. It all happened at her home.

"He came back to the other side of the bar and opened the drawer and got two knives out," said Brenda Reed, the stabbing victim's sister. "She got to the living room in the corner over the couch, and he was bent over her stabbing her."

Family and state police tell us Andrea Hensley filed an EPO on her husband just hours before the stabbing, but it hasn't been processed yet. Family says the couple separated two days before this.

With her four kids inside the home plus her seven-year-old nephew, Reed says she had no choice. She had to leave her sister behind, running down her driveway to a neighbor's house with five kids.

The neighbor, Jason Reed who is also family, was alerted to what was going on.

"I was hollering and squalling and his little boy came out on the porch and then he come out," said Brenda Reed. "And I told him he was stabbing her, and he said, 'Who is stabbing who?'"

That's when Jason Reed ran to help, but state police say Joshua Hensley met him at the door with a 12 gauge shotgun.

"We were standing on the porch, and I hear the gun go off," said Brenda Reed.

Jason Reed was left shot in the back with Andrea Hensley stabbed in her neck and chest, lying in her sister's living room.

"You just can't imagine," said Brenda Reed. "It's just all like a big nightmare."

The stabbing victim, Andrea Hensley, was taken to Kentucky River Medical Center in Jackson and is expected to be okay. Jason Reed, who was shot in the back, was rushed to UK Hospital and had surgery Thursday night. We do not know his condition.

State police arrested Joshua Hensley at the home. He is now booked in Three Forks Regional Jail, charged with two counts of first degree assault, four counts of wanton endangerment, and criminal trespassing.

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