Donations for Knox Co. fire victims go national

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KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Hearts are broken in the small community of Gray, as many people are feeling the effects of Saturday's fire that took the lives of Jesse Disney, Nina Asher, and five children.

"Yeah it hurts," described Carrie Barton, a cousin to Asher's three children.

"It's been really a terrible time for all of us. (We've) all tried to stick together and help as much as we could, but there's really not a lot you can say," said Mike Scott, a neighbor of the victims.

But actions can speak louder than words, and that's being shown by a donation bucket that's being filled up at the nearby J&G Market.

"The Disney family has been family friends, they've been employees here, they've been customers," said Gina Farris Sears, "we just want to help this family."

On Sunday the J-and-G Market decided to start the fund to help with the funeral costs, and it's making a change.

"We kind of band together and help in this community," said Scott.

"To see what all is going on with everything it actually raises my spirits to know that people are reaching out to help," expressed Barton.

While the Knox County community is feeling the pain of this loss, help is coming in well beyond the county line. J&G Market says they've answered calls from Maine to California and everywhere in between.

"It's kind of nice to know that there are folks out there that care about folks in Southeastern Kentucky, and that they'll reach out and help people they don't even know," said Sears.

Several other callers from Michigan, Florida, and Washington have also called the small corner store after reading about the fund online, and the phone keeps ringing off the hook!

"It warms your heart," added Sears.

Family members say this help is coming at just the right time, because they are having a hard time paying the funeral costs for Nina Asher and her three children.

"It's just really hard and all you can do is keep the families in mind," said Barton.

Whether it's neighbors, co-workers, or family they're all finding hope in the simple offerings from complete strangers states away.

Friends say a visitation for Jesse Disney will be Wednesday from 6-9 p.m. at the Hart Funeral Home, and the funeral will be Thursday at 11 a.m.

J&G Market says they plan to divide the donations equally among the victims, and they will continue to accept donations until they stop coming. For more on how you can help, call 606-523-2160.

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