Donations raised by little girl are stolen from pet grooming store

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RICHMOND, Ky. - (WKYT) - A six-year-old Madison County girl didn't want presents for her birthday; instead, she asked for donations to help her dog, Luna.

The Great Dane was recently taken in as a foster dog by Abigail’s family and is in desperate need of stomach surgery.

“We are raising money for Luna so she can get better. When Abigail’s birthday came about she told us she wanted to collect donations instead of receive presents,” said Matt Brown, Abigail’s dad and the owner of Doggy Livin’.

During her birthday party, Abigail managed to raise more than $400 in donations for her foster dog.

“Abigail loves her to death and that's one of the reasons why she wanted donations for her.”

It was a big accomplishment for the little girl, but Abigail wasn't done with raising donations.

She then decided to decorate a shoe box to place in the front of the store to collect more money.

But, late Wednesday night, someone smashed through the window of their store and stole the box full of donations.

“I say we are fortunate even though they did take some of Luna’s money. It looks like they were just looking for any type of green they could find.”

He says his daughter is upset that someone stole the donations they worked so hard to raise.

“It wasn't a whole lot of money but still it's the principal.”

But Abigail’s love for Luna is as strong as ever and she plans to do whatever it takes to make sure her pup gets the surgery she needs.

Police are still searching for the person responsible for stealing the money.

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