Double car fire comes dangerously close to Lexington store

Talk about a close call! A Lexington store almost caught fire when two cars parked in front of it went up in flames. Firefighters were called out to Dots on West New Circle Road around 6 p.m. Saturday for reports of a car fire. The fire quickly spread to a second car.

Venitra Cohran found out about the first car fire when one of her shoppers at Dots ran back in with an urgent request Saturday evening.

"It was a girl, she was in here shopping and she went outside, and she came back in and she asked for water because her car was smoking. And I seen the smoke coming from the car," said Cohran.

She called the fire department and had all shoppers exit through the back of the building.

"It was starting to catch the building on fire, it was that bad."

Firefighters had to take down a portion of the roof right outside Dots.

"We pulled and opened up that exposed attic space to ensure the fire hasn't spread there," remarked Lexington Fire Captain Scott Whitt of his crew's hard work, "that's why the crews were so aggressive in getting in there and opening up that space."

The inside of the store was not damaged. Both cars were towed from the scene. Fire crews still aren't sure the cause of the fire.

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