Dozens forced out of Lexington apartments for carbon monoxide scare

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Dozens of people were forced out of the Pegasus Place Apartments on Larkin Road in Lexington after a resident's carbon monoxide detector went off Monday night.

One person heard the beeping of the detector shortly before midnight. When firefighters got to the apartments, they discovered the carbon monoxide level inside the building was at 200 parts per million, which firefighters say is dangerously high.

A carbon monoxide detector in one of these apartments went off just before midnight...and dozens of people were forced outside for a few hours.

"This is why the carbon monoxide detectors are so important to have in any home that has gas appliances. Without that, this could have gone a whole lot worse," Major Jason Walton, with the Lexington Fire Department, told us Tuesday.

About 55 people were told to evacuate their apartments. They were not allowed to go back inside their homes until the C-O levels were back down to zero. Firefighters believe the high levels may have been caused by a blockage in the apartment's ventilation system.

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