Dozens of cars found vandalized in Georgetown Saturday morning

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Georgetown Police say three teenagers caused thousands of dollars in damage early Saturday morning. What those teens didn't know was part of that vandalism spree was caught on camera.

Almost fifty people in the Indian Acres subdivision woke up Saturday morning to police at their door.

"Knocking on the door about 8 o'clock, telling me the car had been vandalized and the tires were slashed," said Joshua Barcomb who had three tires slashed on his car.

So far 46 victims have been found, some with multiple cars hit.

The owner of the Pro Wash power washing company lives across the street from one of the victims. The security cameras he has to protect his equipment ended up catching the vandalism to his neighbor's cars.

That led police to three teenagers, ranging in ages from 16 to 17, who police have charged with 46 counts of criminal mischief

"I said to one of the police officers 'Well somebody had a really busy night,'" said Cliff Steinke who had three tires slashed on two different vehicles. He spent his morning changing tires. He estimates the damage to his vehicles will cost around four hundred dollars.

Police say the three juveniles were caught within hours.

"They all three have admitted to the wrong doing and are willing to face the consequences." said Sargent Mike Wagoner with Georgetown Police.

"If there would have been an emergency and somebody needed their vehicle to get a loved one or a child or somebody to the hospital last night or this morning, to come out to find two flat tires, I think the fun of it would be taken out real quick," Steinke said.

Wagoner says if the total damage on any of these cases is above $1,000 these teens could be facing felony charges instead of misdemeanors on those cases.
Police expect more victims to come forward in the coming day.

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