Dozens of dogs removed from Lexington home

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A woman has been cited for hoarding dogs at a home on Alexandria Drive. Lexington-Fayette Animal Control confiscated 24 to 30 dogs, all Pomeranians, from Barbara Combs.

Officials have actually been investigating Combs since the early 1990's. They say now was the time that they could go in and issue charges.

According to officers, Combs previously went to court, and told the judge she got rid of the dogs, but further investigation showed that didn't get rid of them. She faces numerous charges for everything from animal abuse to code violations.

"It's the health and welfare of the animals it's the community that has to live with on an everyday basis," said Chief Nathan Bowling.

Combs says she hopes to keep some of her smaller dogs, but for now they are going to animal control.

She told WKYT that she hoped to sell her dogs, and had sold some previously.

She says she originally had four or five dogs and those dogs continued to breed.

The house is labeled as unfit for human habitation.

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