Dozens of new jobs coming to Knox County

KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - People lined up for the chance to apply for one of dozens of new jobs in Knox County.

Xerox has already hired 50 people and is looking to hire 90 more for second and third shifts.

"With such a small population coming to the area in the tri-county area, such a big employer coming to the area is a big deal for the economy," said Brandy Crase, with the KCEOC.

Officials say the new jobs were formed from a partnership between KCEOC and Xerox. The new full-time jobs pay at least ten dollars an hour and offer benefits.

"These jobs are sustainable, so we're hoping that the people who are applying today will be able to make full-time careers out of this and stay for a long time."

Knox County officials say the benefit behind the extra paychecks will also spread to local businesses.

Xerox hopes to fill the positions and start production in a few weeks.

Applicants must pass a drug test and background check to be considered for one of the new positions.

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